Established in 2004, Optima Health & Beauty offers a place and space for you to step back from the demands and worries of everyday life and to reconnect with your body, your mind and your ideals. It’s a place where you can give time to yourself and your well-being. In the modern world, we can feel bombarded by expectations and roles, and may often lose touch with our own true needs. The philosophy of Optima Health & Beauty encourages taking time to look after yourself, so that you will feel you can live life authentically, and to the full.

We offer a range of treatments and services from highly experienced practitioners, which can offer a gentle, sensitive and completely confidential restoration of whatever you feel is lacking. We do so in an exquisitely calm centre where pressure simply does not exist, and the individual needs of the client are paramount.

We empathise with the human need to care for the self and seek to provide a first class service which enables you to reach your own optimum health.