Amanda qualified as a Nutritionist at the Institute of Nutrition (ION) in London in 2002. Since then she has gained valuable experience consulting with clients in private practice, at Optima Health in Cobham, and as a tutor and a lecturer for ION and Rayworth College. 

"I have been a client of Amanda for a number of years. I can honestly say that her knowledge in the field of nutrition is outstanding. Her continuous development always means she is up to date with the latest thinking in nutrition which in turn, gives the best advice.” Michelle H, Surrey

Amanda can help you to achieve your personal health goals with an individual nutritional plan intended to meet your expectations and fit in with your lifestyle. 

“Some of my clients were hesitant to see me in-case they would be told to make changes to their diet that they would find difficult. That’s why discussing daily routines including the morning rush of commuting into work, getting children ready for school, what options they have for lunch etc means the recommendations are practical. With some health conditions more extensive changes to diet are needed but by finding foods that my client likes this is much easier to achieve. Sending me a weekly food diary is something that helps get into the routine of eating a healthier diet and getting the results we want.”


Before the initial 90 minute consultation a detailed Nutritional Questionnaire is completed. If clients have had medical tests  they usually bring the results with them. Discussing all the information helps identify the need for specific nutrients and dietary changes.  Diagnostic biochemical tests such as adrenal stress, food intolerances, hormone balance, digestive function etc can be helpful. Each client is given specific dietary recommendations, a supplement programme, detailed information on meal options and their health concerns that will give them a clear understanding of how they will benefit from the programme. Often it is helpful initially to send a weekly food diary so that any beneficial changes can be made to get the results we need. 

Nutritional therapy may help with many conditions including:

  • Addictions and Cravings
  • Allergies     
  • Anxiety     
  • Bloating
  • Cancer (Side-effects of treatment)     
  • Candida     
  • Cholesterol     
  • Chronic fatigue     
  • Colitis /Crohn’s              
  • Cystitis                       
  • Depression
  • Diabetes                    
  • Eating disorders     
  • Fatigue     
  • Hormone imbalances     
  • Hypertension     
  • Infertility       
  • Insomnia                           
  • Menopause symptoms
  • PCOS
  • PMS                   
  • Skin problems
  • Stress issues
  • Thyroid imbalances 
  • Weight management  


Amanda’s Clients’ Testimonials :

When my mother sent me to see you I didn’t know if you could help me with the anxiety and mood swings I was experiencing. I followed all your recommendations and within a few weeks I feel completely back to how I used to be and am not worried about my uni coursework now. Thank you very much” Jon, Surrey

“I had a few problems developing in my life from lost loved ones, pmt & simply did not feel right. I searched for a professional nutritionist and found Amanda Allan.  She has a wonderful reassuring logical nature & knowledge second to none.  I check in with Amanda regularly for updates & refer to her for the rest of my family. Thank you Amanda”. Jane, Redhill

“When I came to see you I was distraught having lost so much weight with having diarrhoea every morning for 3 weeks and being told it was all in my head. You made me feel less anxious as soon as I spoke to you and getting the results of the test finding a parasite and being able to get rid of it means I am now back at work and almost 100% healthy again. I don’t know what I would have done without your expertise – you know how grateful I am! Helen, Middlesex

“Hi Amanda, I just wanted to let you know that I have had some excellent results already!  I have only been following the food changes and been taking the recommended supplements for 6 six days and the difference is actually quite remarkable. The constant nausea has virtually stopped.  The need to eat every couple of hours and craving for carbohydrate has improved by at least 90.  I have now after 4 years of diarrhoea had normal bowel motions. It's not yet consistent but certainly is on the way I believe to being sorted. So I want to express my gratitude for your professional guidance!  Emma”

“Hi Amanda, I just thought I would let you know the good news.  I went to the doctors and received my Cholesterol results.  My cholesterol is now 5 instead of 7 so I don't need statins. Thank you very much !     Best regards Marie”

"Having had weight problems all my life a visit to Amanda Allan helped to get me furnished with the nutritional knowledge and support that I needed to lose weight and keep it off without starving.  I have now lost 30 kilos in two years and this has made a huge difference to my life.  I still consult Amanda every year to go through my supplementation needs and any other problems.  Thank you so much Amanda". Best wishes,  Sue

Your understanding of the demands of a stressful job and travelling for work allowed for flexibility in the dietary advice you gave me to lose weight that I wasn’t able to maintain before. Brilliant – thanks! Rob, Surrey

If you would to find out more or make an appointment please contact Amanda.

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