Patrick Ross D.O

Patrick had been an Osteopath for over 37 years but in May 2021 decided to leave the Register of Osteopaths and so can no longer call himself an Osteopath.

He is now a Cranial Practitioner using cranial and structural techniques that he learnt over his career.

Patrick works at Optima Health on Mondays.

Cranial Treatment

Patrick believes that most back and joint pain, where there is no specific cause like arthritis or infection, occurs because of abnormal strain on the musculo-skeletal system. Abnormal strain on muscles and joints results in acute spasm, chronic muscle tension and joint locking, causing pain. There are various causes for this, including injury, posture, occupational strain or illness.

The tissues of the body reach a point where they become so chronically tight, they cannot let go.

His treatment is manual and aims to release those tissues and ease long term strain patterns to restore function.


Patrick trained as a Buteyko Teacher with the Buteyko Breathing Association in 2010. Buteyko is a program of exercises that is taught to retrain a person's breathing to take smaller but deeper breaths. This requires practising a set of exercises 20 minutes a day, usually 3 times. There are 4 sets of exercises that encourage more controlled efficient breathing.

Improved breath control helps with the management of asthma and preventing hyperventilating.

Fee - £60 for 1 hour appointment

To contact Patrick call 07922118709, 01985 214213 or email