Michelle Hillman worked in the City of London for 12 years commuting daily to a highly demanding job. Suffering from a stress-related illness forced her to re-evaluate her lifestyle.

With the help of complementary therapies, she regainedfull health and vitality prompting her to re-train in the field of Reflexology and Massage.

Using her extensive business knowledge, Michelle founded Optima Health and invited key practitioners in relevant disciplines to join the group to provide a comprehensive range of therapy treatments to the informed consumer.

As well as being a gifted reflexologist and masseur, Michelle has also specialised in the area of pre-conceptual and maternity care.  The use of specific reflexology techniques can help the body get back to optimum health, which can often be a trigger required to assist conception.  And during pregnancy, easing the muscular strain, caused by the additional efforts the body has to make, can be very calming to both mother and baby alike.

If you are feeling tired, run down and are watching life race by too quickly, put yourself in her hands and enjoy the benefits of a treatment. Let your body start to repair itself and enjoy the deep relaxation you deserve.

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