Tulamassage is carried out by Evangeline Di Michele at Optima Health on Tuesdays


Tulamassage liberates unconscious emotional and physical tension throughout the body while stimulating the nervous, lymphatic and digestive systems. It brings the body back into an open and balanced symmetry.

Tulamassage is a meditative form of bodywork in which the practitioner follows and glides along the natural pathways that run through and around the body in time with specific rhythms and pieces of music. Using oil, the practitioner moves through an unbroken, hypnotic and wave like continuity of movements with rhythmic, deep strokes that create oscillation throughout the body.

Tulamassage is practiced with the specific intention of creating an effective balance between deep and tender strokes to liberate the body, soothe the heart and still the mind.

Tulamassage is about conscious, tender and nurturing touch, the basics of all human needs. It is practiced on a futon, you are without clothes covered by a sheet.

Full Body Massage

A sensory journey through the landscape of your body. The practitioner honours the natural contours and channels between and around the fascia and muscles, using these natural stream lines as pathways along which to flow.

Deep Tissue Back, Neck, Shoulder & Head Massage

Helps relieve tension and chronic aches with conscious touch. Focuses on deeper layers of muscle and fascia.

Indian Head Massage 

A relaxing, holistic treatment on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Helps reduce stress, fatigue and eye strain and can increase mental clarity.

Stomach Massage

A cleansing and stimulating massage that can support and aid IBS, infertility, PMT, bloating, gas and indigestion.

Pregnancy Massage

A nurturing and tranquil treatment for mothers-to-be to restore optimum wellness. Relieves hip and pelvic aches to aid restful sleep.

Availabile at Optima Health in Cobham on Tuesdays between 10am to 7pm

To make an appointment please call Evangeline on 07729 992 092 or email