A questionnaire will be sent to you initially to be completed before the consultation. All aspects of your past and present health symptoms will be discussed in the strictest confidence. You are encouraged to describe your health conditions in detail, including any contributory mental and emotional factors, no matter how trivial they may seem.

Family health history, previous illnesses and medications, dietary habits and general lifestyle are all taken into account, both to assist diagnosis and to guide the most practical treatment, to fit the practicalities of your lifestyle.

A diet sheet, together with vitamin and mineral supplements are prescribed at the first consultation. It is recognised that many people, through pressure of work or routine, are unable to undertake a rigorous or extreme exclusion diet so I aim to make it a realistic health plan.

As no two people are the same, supplements that may be appropriate for one person may not necessarily be right for another, even though they may both be suffering from the same health complaint. The depth and speed of the health plan can be adjusted to suit needs and circumstances. Testing of a basic range of foodstuffs is initially undertaken as well as mineral deficiencies, using applied kinesiology, with clinical laboratory tests as a further option where required.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive testing method that gives immediate results and identifies if any of a range of around 36 substances that may impede treatment.

Follow-up Consultation:

A follow-up consultation helps to gauge progress and make any adjustments that may be necessary, as in many instances symptoms will subtly change as the programme takes effect, and progress will be accelerated if the prescription is adjusted in pace with these improvements. For many patients, only a single follow-up consultation will be necessary, whilst others may choose to continue occasional visits to maintain their progress, or to extend treatment at a deeper level.

How Many Consultations? Usually only one or two consultations are required, depending on the speed of progress. Some minor adjustments may be required periodically to the diet or supplements. Further foods can also be tested during follow-up consultations.

Patients are encouraged to bring any foods, drinks or cosmetics they regularly use for testing, if sensitivity to these is suspected.

I also offer free email/telephone support in the first two weeks of the initial consultation, and follow-up skype/telephone consultations if necessary.